But it’s not a blog...


I know people who know me all too well.

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To: joe@kafsemo.org
Subject: Your blog...
From: Xxxxxx <Xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 00:32:12 -0000

...sounds like it's been written by an RSS obsessive. An effeminate RSS
obsessive who writes Perl. "Cultural moral bellwether"? That's certainly a
new way of describing it...

Xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx - xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxx xxxx Xxxxx xxxx?

Xx xxxx: xxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxx xxx.


-r +- XX/XX: Xxxxxx                 Your blog...                       -- (all) 

There’s more Perl-based RSS tomfoolery, of questionable masculinity, on my filters page. I’ve got them running on the server now, which should improve the overall user experience. (That means you can just click, rather than download a mass of unholy Perl.)

(Music: TV On The Radio, “Staring At The Sun”)
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