Link recap


A few random net.things have come up in real-world discussions, and I should probably put links to them up here. After all, what’s a website for, if not continuing discussions in an altogether more one-sided manner?

As I was saying: AllMusic is a fairly comprehensive guide to the exciting world of music, specifically Blonde Redhead, Kerbdog (their ‘Debaser’ cover was the B-Side to ‘Dummy Crusher,’ apparently. There’s some other interesting stuff in there), the Pixies, Rammstein and the Darkness. (Downside: they hate the web, and make linking as difficult as they can.)

On a more social-software-oriented slant, Cory Doctorow pre-emptively debunks WinFS in Metacrap (Dare Obasanjo’s take on it is typically pragmatic. My highly-abbreviated opinion: bet on improving implicit metadata rather than expecting users to supply explicit metadata). He also wants developers to “stop making tools that magnify and multiply awkward social situations.” Dave Winer talks to Microsofties about weblogs and how we can work together, and Danny O’Brien gives his take on the etiquette of public, private and secret dialogue.

(Okay, so it’s a blog. Be thankful it’s not a LiveJournal.)

(Music: The Fatima Mansions, “Only Losers Take the Bus”)
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