‘trackback.cgi’ becomes ‘meta.cgi’


I threw in some comments and some manually-gathered links, so now it’s not just ‘trackback’: it’s ‘meta’.

There’s no real payoff until I integrate it properly with the rest of the site, and that means I need to regenerate pages server-side (whether baked or deep-fried). For now, you can take a look at this post’s metadata, and also a post with some external links. They accept TrackBack pings, and show up in XSLT-aware browsers, but you can also pass those URLs to the RDF Validator for data model graphs. (Doing this highlights a problem with my RDF: my statement about a resource’s dc:date should really apply to the reified statement I’m making about that resource.)

RDF (and especially its XML serialisation) don’t seem quite ready for the real mainstream, which is a shame. (Can someone answer “SGML is to XML as RDF is to blank?”) So no, it’s not a perfect fit for everything – I still prefer RSS-as-data (i.e., RSS 2.0, and Atom) to RSS-as-metadata (RSS 1.0) – but it still feels like it’s worth staying in touch with. Just in case.

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