Green, Spanish, Extensions


For XML::Writer, I’ve used Devel::Cover to ensure that as much as possible is covered by tests (it found a couple of bugs, too). I removed a hardcoded variable for this release so, finally:


Yes, metrics can be misleading, but JUnit has given me a Pavlovian response to green bars. (Free development idea: haptic furniture that makes developers physically uncomfortable until tests pass.)

Sun are adopting a very public approach to the development of Java SE 6 (that’s what it’s called today, right?), and I noticed that they’d added support for the es_US locale. It’s fascinating to see such a wealth of political and social development represented by such a simple token. (I am the Jackie Harvey of i18n.)

Microsoft and Apple announced their extensions to RSS (intended for RSS 2.0, but presumably hostable in Atom as well). Unfortunately, some of the specs aren’t that well defined. Initial vendor specs aren’t necessarily as well-rounded as they could be, so many people will be keeping an eye on how they respond to comment. It would be nice to think that, rather like with vanity open-source licences, there will eventually be some consolidation. (On the implementation side, it looks like Apple are pulling a Google Web Accelerator, too.)

(Music: Talking Heads, “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”)
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