999.7 miles


It’s been a while since my last cycling holiday and it seemed like time to get out there again, for two weeks cycling across France, Dunkerque to Marseilles. Fantastic weather after the first couple of days and the expected blend of leisurely touring and late-night rushes to reach places in time.

My French is pretty much GCSE-level, so it’s always satisying to get by without people giving up and moving over to English. Yes, I can buy cakes, book hotel rooms and ask people to write down directions.

I’ve got my GPS tracks, too, which I’d rather redact the loops and backtracking from before publishing. Hey, I got there in the end!

(The mileage is true — 999.7 miles, door to door. I could have gone round the block to push it over a thousand, but that would be cheating. Next time!)

(Music: PJ Harvey, “Is This Desire?”)
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