A screen saver, for Windows, that fades in and out random overlapping pictures of your choice. It’s intended for large collections of camera-facing faces, hence the name. I’ve had good results with company staff directories - it’s distracting, but it’s the good kind of distracting.

Download, install, and point it at a directory full of images.

The sample screenshot uses faces from public web searches, and this would pair nicely with something that picked a tag and refreshed the local directory every now and then.


Sample faces from Tub Gurnard, greggoconnell, soylentgreen23, said&done, ninahintringer, pmorgan and wanderingone, via a Flickr CC search for “portrait”.


Download FaceSaver.scr and copy it to your Windows directory (usually C:\WINDOWS).

This software is distributed under GPLv3, and the C# source is available: facesaver-src.zip.

Joseph Walton, 2nd December 2007 [K]