Unpolluted report for http://www.kafsemo.org/rss/kafsemo.xml

pass The URL shouldn't redirect
FAIL If clients ask for compression, then provide it
pass Don't disable caching with Cache-Control
pass Supply a Date header, to indicate the server time
pass The server clock should be accurate (< 10 minutes difference)
pass Use an Expires header to tell clients how often to poll
pass Expiry must be in the future
good Expiry should be at least fifteen minutes into the future
pass Last-Modified headers tell clients how often content is updated
pass The Last-Modified date must be in the past
WARN Provide an ETag
pass Provide Last-Modified or ETag, so clients can make conditional requests
good Feed size should be less than 64 KiB
pass Conditional requests, using Last-Modified and ETag, save bandwidth and reduce server load
good If-Modified-Since alone should be honoured