Unpolluted report for http://msdn.microsoft.com/rss.xml

pass The URL shouldn't redirect
pass If clients ask for compression, then provide it
pass Don't disable caching with Cache-Control
pass Supply a Date header, to indicate the server time
pass The server clock should be accurate (< 10 minutes difference)
pass Use an Expires header to tell clients how often to poll
FAIL Expiry must be in the future
pass Last-Modified headers tell clients how often content is updated
pass The Last-Modified date must be in the past
good Provide an ETag
pass Provide Last-Modified or ETag, so clients can make conditional requests
good Feed size should be less than 64 KiB
FAIL Conditional requests, using Last-Modified and ETag, save bandwidth and reduce server load
good If-Modified-Since alone should be honoured
WARN If-None-Match alone should be honoured