The idea of SVG


From the not-always-stable Adobe SVG viewer through to support in XHTML documents I’ve always admired the idea of SVG. As the namespace reminds, it’s been around for a while and is only now, as part of HTML5, pulling into the mainstream.

Tardily prompted by Shelley’s work and Sam’s inline SVG illustrations, I’ve taken steps to add it to my workflow.

First I added SVG-namespaced elements to my feed reader whitelist. I took the elements and attributes from the Universal Feed Parser and transliterated it into XSLT. (This will need to change for HTML5 in a feed as text/html.)

Kafsemo.org site logo

Next, learning just enough SVG to recreate the site logo.

My site generation scripts needed tweaking to allow namespaced XML to go into the XHTML used for the Atom feed. Then, I made sure that XHTML gets turned into appropriate HTML for clients that understand inline SVG in HTML5.

I could just bump the pixels, but high-resolution screens and the zooming encouraged by touch interfaces especially reward resolution independence.

Update: ironically, the whitelist excludes the CSS I used for opacity and a linear gradient. I’ve switched to specific SVG attributes.

(Music: OutKast, “B.O.B.”)
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