XML::Writer moves to GitHub


BerliOS is shutting down at the end of the year so, after more than seven years of hosting that I’m very grateful for, I’ve moved XML::Writer over to GitHub.

By design, moving history between Git repositories is almost automatic: pull, push, we’re done. Issue tracking stays separate, in RT, and releases stay in CPAN.

The only real work was in updating the release process to deal with pushing the website to a GitHub repository rather than over scp.

All the fun with kernel.org means a number of Linux development trees have moved elsewhere. Junio‘s been careful with PGP signatures for releases of Git itself from other repositories, and is considering commit signing for 1.7.8. With that it mind I’ve added a signed tag of the last commit in the Berlios repository and intend to sign tags for future releases. (Fingerprint 8133 6981 1D6A 12EB F16F B7FC 0C5A B047 781F 0D83, but then that’s exactly what I’d say if I were a MITM, right?)

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